Colour Of The Sky

by GohmaPhazon

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A collection of digital instruments mixed with electric guitar, along with photographs of brilliantly breathtaking sunrises. Click on the song names to see the photographs.

This album was inspired by a girl.


released January 28, 2011

Music/Photography - Joseph Boulet




GohmaPhazon St Adolphe, Manitoba

I'm a 21 year old boy who plays music in between searching for the answers of the Universe and taking photographs of the sky.

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Track Name: Mentity
Sitting on the grass
Mud is slipping at my feet
When the rain washes down
I will curl into the heat

Words writ on the stone
No one can read it again
Your hair covers my face
You’re blocking out my expression

All the wind in my ears
It’s getting hard just to breathe
When I wake in this world
Will you tell me to leave

No more lies on this day
I will tell you the truth
Come with me in my head
Run away, silly muse

I want to
I want to meet them all again
Waking up on the other side of the bed

Patience is honest when you never can feel death
Time is a planet and you’re pushing me down dead
Cower over me and walk by
Walk by
Walk by
Walk away
Track Name: Mechanical Lens
Take the window off the wall
Have it installed
Store your memories in your head
Lay in bed
Smear the ceilings with your eyes
Paints demise
Puzzle pieces blocks the sky

Floating down
On your back
Looking up
Ocean’s black
Black and deep
Stuck in sleep
Getting farther
Track Name: The Colour Of Your Eyes
Be near you
I want to
Be near you
I’m with you
Sleep on me
Look at me
Your eyesight looks
So centered
Float on me

Upside down leaves in a spherical world of winds
Hold to my hands we will fall together towards the ground

The colour of your eyes are questioned
Will I ever find the answer
Lost we are in a gaze of energy
Vibrating and irritating
We are lost to our senses.

The colour of the sky